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Small Munsterlander Temperament and Lifespan

Small Munsterlender is an extraordinarily beautiful and versatile breed. Dogs of this breed perfectly prey on difficult terrain, it may be a swamp or forest, overgrown with briars. The Musterlander is perfect in looking for prey. These dogs are unpretentious and smart. Small Munsterlender perfectly suits the role of a pet, if you will take it for regularly walks. Dogs of this breed are affectionate and loyal friends, they learn quickly and are easy to train. They are sensitive to the children.

The dogs of this breed usually live about 12-13 years.

How Much Does a Small Munsterlander Cost and Price Range

The price ranges from $300 to $700. The average cost depends on the breeder and the place you are buying your puppy. But the main difference in price is due to the quality of the dog as the show quality dogs always cost more than usual pet quality.

Small Munsterlander Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Small Munsterlander has a black nose, the darker the color, the better quality is a pet. Ears are set high, rounded at the tips, fit the head tightly. It has a square shape, muscular neck. The chest is deep, broad and somewhat lowered. The back is straight, strong. The croup is long, wide, somewhat slanted. Belly is slightly tucked up. Dog paws are strong, muscular, have an average length. The tail is of medium size. The color is black-speckled, gray-speckled or gray. Head is black with a white blaze. On the ears there may be white markings. The height of the male ranges from 50-55 cm, females - from 48-53 cm. The weight is about 18-27 kg.

Small Munsterlander Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Hunting with a Small Musterlender will always be effective. The reason for this, as we have said, is the high activity of the dog, as well as the fact that it likes this occupation much.

The dog can chase the prey in any area, whether it is a field, or dense thickets.

The pet must first be trained to be able to hunt. During the training you need to show character and perseverance, but neither should never yell at your pet and beat. Thus, a true friend and assistant cannot be received.

Hunting with a Small Musterlender is usually carried out on the game, but it is also possible to use a dog to catch any animal.

In general, it can be concluded that the dog is an excellent choice for active families, even if no one is engaged in hunting. The dog has no flaws in the character, so it is suitable for families with children.