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Basic Information on Shower Door Hardware

The performance and look of any shower door is greatly influenced by the shower door hardware used in it. There are different articles of this sort of hardware including sweeps, pulls, drip rails, caddies hinges, bumpers, handles, and knobs. Each of these items plays an important role in functioning and good appearance of the door and can't be ignored or replaced by something else. So, it's recommended to pay special attention to the choice of each of them.

Most of the shower doors available in the market are sold in combination with all the necessary hardware. Such doors can be purchased from different sources the best one of which is certainly the internet which offers different options. In order to make the right choice particularly for your bathroom it's advised to make a thorough online research. Thus, you're free to choose any of the following reputable websites:,, and other. These offer a wide choice of shower door hardware options. Further you're offered to have a closer look at some of the most commonly used hardware pieces.

Brass Clips

A well-known company American Shower Door will provide you with perfect-brass clips which are characterized by beveled or flat edges. You can have these articles customized for the desired angles, shapes and designs. The popular sizes of these hinges are two inches by two inches and three inches by four inches.

Vienna Series Frameless Shower Door Hinges and Handles

These are convenient and good-looking shower kits, simple Copper Fit Socks that consist of a pull handle with six-inch hole space as well as two top or bottom mount hinges, look copper fit socks. You will like the Tubular Back-to-Back Economy Pull Handle that has 1 and ?-inch diameter metal washers, 1.5mm thick brass tubing, and nylon spacer washers. The latter are extremely important for protection of your shower door glass when been contacted by anything. The hinges are meant for 3/8 inch to ? inch glass. They are available in wall or glass-to-glass mounting. It has to be mentioned that the solid brass hinges are characterized by stainless steel parts which are also movable. Finish may be brushed nickel, brass or chrome.

Stainless Tension Pole Shower Caddy

It's a corner caddy that perfectly saves space by the possibility to be located vertically. It may be five-nine feet high. It is made of stainless steel and has elegantly looking polished finish. The set also includes four baskets specifically designed for storing different toiletries, hooks and towel bars. The sizes for you to choose from include 8 and ? inches by 5 feet and up to 9 feet high by 8 and ? inches.

Modern Back-to-Back Shower Door Knob

Those solid brass knobs provided by Glass Distributors Inc. have almost seventeen beautiful finishes. Their prices depend mainly on the type of finish and range from $25.30 for brass, chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, to $33.50 for antique brass and oil rubbed and $33.40 for white bronze. The diameter of these knobs is 1 and 3/16 inches and their height is 1 and 3/16 inches.

7/8" Clear Shower Door Bumper - Kit

If you like these bumpers you may be sure that they are just perfect for sliding doors. They are characterized by the medium hardness, adhesive backing, and a center screw hole. Their diameter is 7/8 inches.

Thresholds and U-Channels

This kit offers extra safety and support for a shower door. It secures the door panels that haven't reached the ceiling. They are available in 66 inches, 98 inches and 144 inches in length.

Finally, shopping for shower door hardware, don't be in a hurry examining the myriad of options and select the items that better meet the needs of your shower room.